Swan Life Vessel

Posted on February 12, 2013 

Swan Life Vessel

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Dodgy ‘Cold Tea’ Tea Towel & Print

Posted on February 1, 2013 

To Celebrate 20 years since the release of ‘the Dodgy Album’

Dodgy ‘Cold Tea’ Tea Towel

‘Cold Tea’ The Dodgy Album Print

Be careful where you tread
You don’t want to do any harm
And you don’t have to have a reason
To do what you do when you do it
When you don’t want to be all alone
You can turn to me ‘cos it’s easy
There’s nothing worse than cold tea

You say it’s in the wrist
It’s in the rhythm of your palm
You life’s and open field
And you can run, run till you drop
To lie in long grass
Or between the sheets that you brought along
We forget the pot that was hot before it got cold

Make your mark and hope it works ‘cos there’s more to life to see
Make your mark, make it loud and clear, ‘cos there’s more to life with me

Give you an inch and you’ll walk with a smile
Give me a slice and I’ll be quiet for a while
You’ve got to grow with what you believe, believe

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Dodgy 3X1 Acoustic Tour 2013

Posted on January 23, 2013 

Dodgy 3X1 Acoustic Tour

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Basement Tapes – Down Under

Posted on January 16, 2013 

BASEMENT TAPES has moved to Sydney Australia!

heres the ‘Moon Rider’ poster 15.02.2013

Psychedelic Moon Rider Basement Tapes Oz

Psychedelic Moon Rider Basement Tapes Oz

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Please Don’t BeLong

Posted on January 16, 2013 

White sage bundle – surfin’ mind – cobra cap – elephant eyes

please don’t be long

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Turtle Beaks – Eagle Squeaks

Posted on January 16, 2013 

turtle beaks eagle squeaks

turtle beaks eagle squeaks

‘Tweak Pins’ Sneak Peak!

Lennon’s mind’ll blow your nose!

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Chas & Dave’s Halloween special

Posted on October 10, 2012 

Chas & Daves Halloween Special Poster

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GrowABrain & Longlive X Bored of Southsea

Posted on September 29, 2012 

Absolutely stoked to bring you a seven colour print for Bored of Southsea. It means a great deal to me to do a print for these guys as they literally hold up the strong island.

Tote, Crew neck Jumper, and Tees

Available through www.boredofsouthsea.co.uk


GrowABrain X Bored of Southsea

Here’s what they say:

Mr Russell Hardman, otherwise known as GrowaBrain, grew up on the mean streets of Portsmouth and still considers it home although residing in London. He’s spent the last few years working on everything from album art for power-pop trio Dodgy to designing T-shirts for London based Men’s fashion boutique Sefton. Amongst those, and literally countless other projects, he’s put on two incredible and well received exhibitions of his own work.

Longlive Cooperative is a new collective project that is for anyone and everyone. Primarily a vehicle for promoting nights in Portsmouth and London put on by Charlie Waddington, one of the DJs that made Pet Sounds an umbrella for the philosophy that a good tune’s a good tune and leave convention to duller nights.
This design was conceived as a nod to our hometown, taking a bit of a journey through Bored of Southsea tees that have caught Grow a Brain’s eye over the years, such as French’s Seagull
and ( Junior Bruce’s ) Jubru’s ‘Southsea Bronx Strong Island’ smiling sunshine
but all of course through an inimitable style that is Grow a Brain’s alone.

At seven colours on the T-Shirt and crew neck sweatshirt this is the largest that Bored of Southsea have done to date, with a thick, rich texture that does the ace image justice.

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GrowABrain X Sefton

Posted on September 24, 2012 

I promised a video from the GrowABrain X Sefton Collab earlier in the year, finally its here.

It was shot during the bitter cold last February and I had monsta sniffles, nothing a few large brandy macs cant see you through.

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The Dreaming Spires

Posted on September 23, 2012 

The Dreaming Spires released the fantastic ‘Brothers in Booklyn’ LP in the summer and have been playing a number of gigs across the UK, with dates right up until the end of November. Be sure to check them out.

The Dreaming Spires tee design

The Dreaming Spires tee design

‘You lift me up upon the strength of strings’

bubblegum psychedelic wrapper

bubblegum psychedelic wrapper

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‘Dodgy’s Northern Soul’ Package

Posted on July 31, 2012 

Dodgy Will Release a 7″ Vinyl AA side single; including a version of Frank Wilson’s ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I do)’ and a Brand New Dodgy Northern Soul Instant Classic!
To Celebrate Dodgy are hosting an All Nighter at The Wigan Rose Club (formerly the Monaco Casino). You can pre-order tickets for the event and vinyl bundles including T shirts and Northern Soul patches from www.dodgyology.com.

Dodgy's Northern Soul Packages

Dodgy's Northern Soul Packages

Stand Upright, Keep on Dodgin' PATCH

Stand Upright, Keep on Dodgin' PATCH

Black Northern Soul Tee

Black Northern Soul Tee

White Northern Soul Tee

White Northern Soul Tee

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Vintage Pet Sounds x Southsea Fest

Posted on July 11, 2012 

As part of Southsea Fest, ‘Pet Sounds’ are doing there bit with a ‘Vintage Pet Sounds All Dayer’ upstairs at The Wine Vaults.

Vintage Pet Sounds All Dayer

Vintage Pet Sounds All Dayer

The drawing is a GrowABrain tribute to Sid and Marty Krofft, the brothers with a penchant for 60′s Bubblegum Psychedelic childrens television. The Banana Splits (Hanna-Barbera’s Beatles) are fitting as the Pet Sounds house band. Bubblegum pop rock and roll!

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Dodgy’s Northern Soul All Nighter

Posted on July 11, 2012 

Dodgy Live at The Wigan Rose Club (Monaco Ballroom).

Dodgy have often payed homage to Northern Soul Roots but never have they thrown an All Nighter. This is also the launch party of there Limited Edition Northern Soul 7″ single.

Dodgy's 'Northern Soul All Nighter'

Dodgy’s ‘Northern Soul All Nighter’

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