Rick Griffin Text Experiments

Posted on May 30, 2012 

As part of my ongoing fascination with this Great mans work, I have been occupationally trying to find a digital formula to create Griffinesque text without the need to hand render the linework.

It’s the graphic equivalent of alchemy, turning lead into gold, of course its impossible to capture Griffin’s beautiful nuances of line and deft of touch but the basic structure is almost there.

I just wanted to share with you where I am at, the Holy grail would be to be able to use this Griffinesque text in Graphic work at the touch of a button… not there yet!


Using an edited FREE font ‘Hendrix’ here is the result from rendering 3D text in illustrator and stroking the gradient once the tonal values have been expanded. The offset tool is used to create the lettering border. ‘Bad Acid’ is also a great Rick inspired FREE font.

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