Ancient Confessions T-Shirt (Modelled by Sabine)

Posted on June 7, 2011 

I finally got round to photographing the ancient Tees, even managed to customise one for the missus (pictured).
Just cut the neck off around the seam, lopped off the arms (strategically) rolled em up and knocked in a couple of stitches, Job Done! Bit of a cutesypie I think you’d agree.

I have also had printed a Dark Chocolate Limited Edition, Only available from Growabrain exhibitions.

I have recently added SHOP buttons to make purchasing from Growabrain even easier! Simply choose your size and click the BUY NOW button below to be taken direct to checkout or ADD TO CART to continue shopping. I will be adding more of these buttons throughout the blog so please have a trawl for items that do not appear in the Growabrain shop. Happy Bargain Hunting!



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