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Portsea Island – Bored of Southsea

Posted on July 29, 2013

Celebrating the ‘Portsea Island’ Grow A Brain has produced this Hawaiian island inspired design, available now from BORED OF SOUTHSEA in 2 colour tee and hoody.

For those of you that live further afield from our City you may not know that the City of Portsmouth is prominently based on an Island called ‘Portsea Island’ and is the only ‘Island City’ within the United Kingdom.

This design is a tongue in cheek play between us here living on Portsea and also an Island somewhere a lot, lot closer to the equator such as the Islands of Hawaii with the design incorporating palm tree’s and tropical flowers conjuring up far warmer climates than we experience here, look and you’ll notice the silhouette of Portsea has been included as a nod to our home.

Shout to our man Russell Hardman aka Grow a Brain for working with us on this we hope that you enjoy.
Model: Jen Vidler


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‘BeLong’ – Framed PVC Vinyl Print

Posted on July 13, 2013

The ‘BeLong’ George Harrison inspired print is now available as a framed PVC vinyl print 80x60cm.

This image is also available as a T-shirt here, oversize full frontal digital print. Please get in touch for costs and delivery.

‘BeLong’ Framed PVC Vinyl print 80x60cm

‘BeLong’ vinyl printed pvc – detail

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The Flaming Lips YES! ‘The Terror’ Tee

Posted on May 31, 2013

This design was based on the FLIPS motifs; Rainbows, lasers, skulls, fetuses, mirrorball’s, flying eyes, UFO’s, giant hands, peace signs, glitter nails… and Wayne Coyne’s drawings of fertile women. It is a visual homage to British psychedelic art, namely Alan Aldridge and Terry Gilliam of Flying Circus fame. All the type was hand rendered including the umbilical cord terror text.

The Flaming Lips YES! ‘The Terror’ Tee

YES! Flaming Lips ‘The Terror’

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Creative Media Awards – 4 colour Risograph

Posted on May 31, 2013

The final award for the Creative Media students is this 80′s themed, MTV generation poster/certificate. It is printed as a 4 colour Risograph by the wizards over at Ditto Press. Fluorescent Pink, Blue, Yellow & Black on 170gsm Munken White.

Creative Media Award 4 colour Riso

Risograph detail

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College Awards – 4 Colour Riso Print

Posted on May 15, 2013

The Henley College Film, Media and Music Awards 2013

The wonderful Ditto Press will be printing these typographic exercises in 4 colour Risograph (Simulated Process; Teal, Fluo Pink, Yellow & Black).

College Awards 2013 – 4 colour Risograph

Risograph detail 1

Risograph detail 2


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Midnight Pineapple Hawaiian Pattern

Posted on April 29, 2013

Midnight Pineapple Hawaiian Pattern detail

Hawaiian ‘Midnight Pineapple’ Shirt

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Risograph ‘Way of Dodgy No: 3′ Print

Posted on April 11, 2013

To celebrate 20 years since the birth of ‘The Dodgy Album’ 1993

GrowABrain studios brings you ‘The Way of Dodgy No: 3 ‘Love; the first successful step into life’

Way of Dodgy No: 3 Risograph Print

‘Way of Dodgy No: 3′ – Detail

Limited Edition 3 colour Risograph Print – signed and numbered edition of 100

Available exclusively on Dodgy’s ‘Back to Back 2013′ Tour. Visit: for tour dates.


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Please Don’t BeLong

Posted on January 16, 2013

White sage bundle – surfin’ mind – cobra cap – elephant eyes

please don’t be long

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Chas & Dave’s Halloween special

Posted on October 10, 2012

Chas & Daves Halloween Special Poster

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GrowABrain & Longlive X Bored of Southsea

Posted on September 29, 2012

Absolutely stoked to bring you a seven colour print for Bored of Southsea. It means a great deal to me to do a print for these guys as they literally hold up the strong island.

Tote, Crew neck Jumper, and Tees

Available through


GrowABrain X Bored of Southsea

Here’s what they say:

Mr Russell Hardman, otherwise known as GrowaBrain, grew up on the mean streets of Portsmouth and still considers it home although residing in London. He’s spent the last few years working on everything from album art for power-pop trio Dodgy to designing T-shirts for London based Men’s fashion boutique Sefton. Amongst those, and literally countless other projects, he’s put on two incredible and well received exhibitions of his own work.

Longlive Cooperative is a new collective project that is for anyone and everyone. Primarily a vehicle for promoting nights in Portsmouth and London put on by Charlie Waddington, one of the DJs that made Pet Sounds an umbrella for the philosophy that a good tune’s a good tune and leave convention to duller nights.
This design was conceived as a nod to our hometown, taking a bit of a journey through Bored of Southsea tees that have caught Grow a Brain’s eye over the years, such as French’s Seagull
and ( Junior Bruce’s ) Jubru’s ‘Southsea Bronx Strong Island’ smiling sunshine
but all of course through an inimitable style that is Grow a Brain’s alone.

At seven colours on the T-Shirt and crew neck sweatshirt this is the largest that Bored of Southsea have done to date, with a thick, rich texture that does the ace image justice.

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GrowABrain for ‘Charlie Does’

Posted on June 30, 2012

GrowABrain has teamed up with Charlie Does, a Filipino surf shop, to design a range of Tees to celebrate their story:

In 1979 Francis Ford Coppola released the epic film Apocolypse Now. If you don’t know it, it would be a good idea to watch it. It is amazing. The movie was located in and around a small and sleepy town called Baler which sits right on the pacific and is surrounded by the ever visible Siera Madre – which literally means Mountain Mother, though more like should be understood as: ‘That is one Mother of a Mountain’.

Most of the famous scenes of the movie were shot in Baler, or a place a little way out of the town called Charlie’s Point.

Balerino surfers owe a great gratitude to the movie, not least because when production ended the team left all the surfboards for the locals.

The most famous line of the movie goes like this:

Some GI: ‘Its pretty hairy in there. I mean it’s Charlie’s point!’


Well, Charlie Does!

Charlie Does X GrowABrain

Charlie Does X GrowABrain

Here are the first two GrowABrain designs from the ‘Goofy’ collection:

Charlie Does balm Tee

Charlie Does balm Tee

Charlie Does apocalypse tee

Charlie Does apocalypse tee

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The Oars – Fed to the Lions

Posted on June 9, 2012

The Oars - Fed to the lions

The Oars - Fed to the lions

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Posted on May 30, 2012

As part of my pedagogic practices I have been asked to design the Certificate/Award for the Film and Media Students at the Henley College. These are hand pulled screenprints, gold ink on heavy black stock.

I challenged myself to ‘keep it simple’ taking inspiration from the wonderful Seb Lester.

Film and Media Award

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