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NEW WEBSITE & Artsprojekt Store!

Posted on September 13, 2013 is now officially the artist blog to the New Cargo Powered Website:

Amongst Other delights there is a New Zazzle Artsprojekt Store

Artsprojekt store

Be Sure to check them both out and pick out a gift while you are there!

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Distracted Mind

Posted on March 1, 2013

I produced this video channel experiment based on
‘Monkey Minds in the Devils Time’ a Buddhist term for an easily distracted mind.

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GrowABrain X Sefton

Posted on September 24, 2012

I promised a video from the GrowABrain X Sefton Collab earlier in the year, finally its here.

It was shot during the bitter cold last February and I had monsta sniffles, nothing a few large brandy macs cant see you through.

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Growabrain x Sixpack – LOCAL HERO Sefton Campaign

Posted on April 27, 2012

As part of Sefton London’s ‘LOCAL HERO Campaign’ Growabrain is Collaborating with Sixpack France to produce a Limited Edition Tee.

Growabrain x Sixpack LOCAL HERO design

Growabrain x Sixpack LOCAL HERO design

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Posted on July 15, 2011


Guaranteed good vibes throughout the night.



I am so excited that the sublimely beautiful (Benjamin Taylor) LOUD LIKE A LION has agreed to be part of the INFORM∆TION REVEL∆TION, I really cant believe my luck that this guy is onboard. I have only seen Ben perform on one occasion but I was so enamoured with what I heard (+ his love of monkeyesque hats and colourful pants) that I just had to get him involved. He has a musical sensitivity akin to Daniel Johnston/Brian Wilson which will tear at your heart strings.




It is with much disappointment that I must now announce that David Moore will not be performing at the event due to unforeseen circumstances, he needs to be with his family right now.

This has meant that I have called upon the uber talented psychedelic minstrel that is CHRIS PARRIS (of Sarah Tonin) to come and weave some musical magic.
Hopefully Chris will come out with a few of his James Brown moves if you ask him nicely!

Chris Parris

Chris Parris

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Posted on July 15, 2011

GrowABrain Studios has teamed up with Sefton Fashion to Create a Limited Edition T-Shirt for the INFORM∆TION REVEL∆TION ART SHOW


LEE STREET STUDIOS, 5 Lee street, London, E8 4DY

Only 20 of these T-shirts in existence. Available from both the Islington Menswear Boutique and the Exhibition @ Lee Street Studios.

Sefton Menswear Contact:

196 Upper Street, London, N1 1RQ     T: 020 7226 7076     F: 020 7354 4865

The T shirts are printed with super soft Selectasine ink on 100% Combed Cotton Jersey 165g / 4.95oz.

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‘David Moore & the Oars’ Tee fresh from the press

Posted on April 22, 2011

As posted a couple of weeks ago GrowaBrain Studios have produced a ‘David Moore & the Oars’ Tee.  For a detailed view click here.

Available in a range of both men and womens styles, Get yours from their upcoming UK dates or from soon! AVAILABLE NOW with a free download of the Album, Click on the Link!

In the meantime Check out the new video:
David Moore & The Oars Video Premiere: Loveless

Directed by Ben Galaster

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Alan Aldridge/Paul Smith sneaker trade off!

Posted on December 1, 2010

I just had to post these great Alan Aldridge shoes!

Alan Aldridge / Paul Smith

Alan Aldridge / Paul Smith Weekend Sneakers

I am made up with the trade off for the revamped ‘Cederblue’ painting posted a few months ago. It was a great trade for a limited edition Alan Aldridge/Paul Smith sneaker that I can assure will not be worn till the finer weather.  The painting (started in 1997) has subsequently been lovingly hung (by my good self) in the fantastic Mr Charlie Waddington’s custom built studio, complete with the chair that features in the painting, the studio looks the Bees Knees!

Cheers Fella!

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NEW! Store Update

Posted on November 20, 2010

Its been a long while since I opened the store officially, I prefer receiving your emails but I am in the process of making more products available from the SHOP.

Products will change regularly so check back for updates.

Store Update

Store Update

All postage is included within the UK, if you are outside of the UK please contact me for postage costs:

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Clarks V’s Hobo ‘Grow a Brain’ version

Posted on November 13, 2010

Clarks Vs Hobo Desert Trek

Clarks teamed up with the Japanese Brand Hobo on the Classic Desert Trek to produce an awesome hybrid (Jimi Hendrix / native American style shoe) but at £200 a pop I thought, Ill have a go at that myself. Leather punch in hand and a few hours later (seven) I was pretty pleased with the results.

If anyone needs a raindance, I’m your man.

Total Cost: Shoes 10yrs old so good value, £35 at the time, Leather – Found (at work)

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Urdhva Padmasana – Brain Growth Technique

Posted on July 10, 2009

Urdhva Padmasana

Urdhva Padmasana

I recently did a series of illustrations for ‘Urdhva Padmasana’ This is an advanced Yoga asana which can be practiced for short periods of time by anyone with the inclination.

The asana is designed to channel energies towards the brain and convert base energies (ie; sexual) further up the Chakra directly feeding the brain.

The concept is to stop trying so hard to manipulate everything materially and to conserve energies for consciousness.

One who practices this asana achieves the perfect control of the body:

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No 1* Fan

Posted on June 9, 2009

I thought this was pure gold, a friend of mine in Germany photographed this 4D cube in his small home town of Gottingen, It was signed off as Russ ‘O5 – obviously after one of my paintings

What a thrill! I have a real fan… The best thing is that the cube is a bit confused – whoever you are, Thankyou

4D cube Graffiti

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